Tuesday, January 19, 2010

20 Steps for Lowering Daily Stress

Got this tips from ready the "20 very easy tips for lowering your daily stress level by Gretchen Rubin". This immediately got my attention since I have been experiencing stress from work this past few days and I just don't want these simple stresses to accumulate and just fell flat out from a heart attack.

So, if you feel like your stress level is high, try to tick off some items on this list. A little effort now means a lot less stress, later.

Go to bed thirty minutes earlier than usual.

- i go to bed when im sleepy. i dont really have a fixed time when. i should sleep earlier when possible.

Get up twenty minutes earlier than usual.

- this one is quite difficult to do specially when its cold and you're with your special someone, hehe. but to save from "gahol" moments, its always better to get up earlier than usual.

Before you go to sleep, prepare for the morning.

- its always good to be prepared. but when you have a fool load, you'll be lucky to have energy left to make a list, or even mentally prepare for the next day.

Bring a hat and an umbrella.

- do you get stressed when you get wet? i dont. i usually get colds, hehe.

Don’t wear tight clothes or uncomfortable shoes.

- comfort, ease of movement, hassle free = less stress

Make a list.

- this is very useful when you have a time frame. to save time and go do things as scheduled.

Listen to a favorite song.

- this does the trick for me. it eases up the tensions when i listen and sing a favorite song, specially when its catchy.

Keep extra cash and stamps in the house.

- having no money is indeed stressful. i don't know about stamps ..... i usually send emails, hehe.

Be polite and be fair.

- it feels good to be polite. and its less stressful when you know you're fair.

Laugh out loud.

- laughing is indeed a great way to release stress. sometimes i even intentionally laugh out load when im a little stressed out and it works.

Have a good book to read.

- it keeps your mind off the stressful things. just make sure that the topic of the book is light and not that would add up to your stress.

Keep an extra set of keys.

- hehe. i see people being pissed when they weren't able to go inside their house since they left their keys in. who would be happy to sleep outside their house?


- this one i have to engage to. they say exercising brings out the adrenalins (happy hormones) in our body. got to make time for exercise.

Always keep your passport in the same place.

- or any important documents in this case. its very stressful, not to mention time consuming to look for missing things that are very important.

Throw something away.

- does does refer to throwing things at somebody? or throwing anything unuseful? either way i think this would lower your stress level.

Don’t say mean things about other people.

- negative things said leaves negative feelings and this contributes to stress

Put a Bandaid in your wallet.

- or anything for first aid so that minor accidents won't lead to bigger infections.

Keep gas in the car.

- who won't be stressed out if you ran out of gas?

Pay attention to someone else.

- sometimes its nice to know things about other people, it takes your mind out from your own problems.

Make your bed.

- less clutter, clear mind. clear mind, less stress.

These are some tips from the article i just read. There would be other effective
tips to lessen worries/troubles/stress.

My personal addition to this, look at your love ones pictures. Me, looking at hubby and baby's picture almost always do the trick :-)

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  1. Susko! magpa-massage tayo, foot-spa tapos mag-chismisan tayo habang umiinom ng masarap na kape para matanggal ang stress....