Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Bed Time Discoveries by Johnson & Johnson

I'm lucky to have the chance to attend Johnson and Johnson's special event for bloggers entitled "Baby Bedtime A to Zzzs". They were very gracious to allow me to come along with my BFF Peachy, who got the invitation to attend the event. The presentation was held at the Japan room of the Ascot Residences in Makati City last Saturday, January 30, 2010.

It was hosted by celebrity mom Tin-Tin Bersola - Babao, who was in spite of having her C - section scheduled early the next day, although very pregnant, is still as blooming as ever (some people are just sooo lucky).

Dr. Luis Rivera, a member of the Philippine Society for Sleep Medicine ( I didn't even know there's a specific study about sleeping ), was there to explain the importance of sleep in every baby / toddler / growing child's physical and mental growth and development. He explained to us, through slides, the results of the sleep study conducted by J&J.

There are three steps that Johnson's recommends for ensuring a more sound and restful sleep for your baby. The steps were demonstrated by midwives J&J brought to the event along with some volunteer mommy bloggers.

Step 1: A warm bath or punas using Johnson's baby bedtime bath
Step 2: A soothing massage with Johnson's baby bedtime lotion
Step 3: Some quiet time with Johnson's baby bedtime powder

These steps were demonstrated by the midwives and were done in a way that anyone could easily do themselves at home with their babies. I find myself at the front near the stations since I was very interested in the step by step process so that I can do these properly with Marianna. They showed us ways on how to properly give sponge baths to infants. I love step 2 the most. They thought us the I L U (i love you), milking and butterfly style of massaging. While quiet time consist of story telling & singing soft lullabies and putting Johnson's bedtime powder to your baby.

After the demonstrations, there were games and a Q & A portion where the mommy bloggers brought up their concerns about their kids' sleeping behaviors.

After eating a hearty lunch, also courtesy of J&J, the attendees were given goodie bags with the products that were used in the demos and a very comfy slippers for us mommies.

I enjoyed attending my first ever blogger event very much since being a first time mom, I want to know everything that could be very useful on raising up my Marianna the best that she can be. Thank you very much Johnson & Johnson for this opportunity.

If you want to know more about Johnson & Johnson's Baby Bedtime products and other very useful information and tips, you can log into :

Friday, January 29, 2010

Food Friday - Fried Oreos & Chocolate Covered Cornflakes

I love desserts and I just discovered these two very simple to make sweets that would only take minutes to make.

1 1/2 cup cornflakes
semi-sweet chocolate chips
wax paper
cookie sheet
What to do:
melt chocolate chips in a double broiler or microwave oven
i used a microwave oven and it took approximately 30 - 50 seconds to melt the chocolates
mix the cornflakes in the melted chocolate
scoop in mixture in a cookie sheet with wax paper
refrigerate till it hardens


Oreo cookies
Pancake mix
Powdered sugar (optional)
Canola Oil for frying
What to do:
Freeze oreo cookies for at least 3 hours
Prepare pancake mixture according to package direction
Dip frozen oreo cookies to pancake mixture
Fry in hot oil
Place fried oreo cookies in a table napkin to remove excess oil
Sprinkle powdered sugar if desired
This is my entry for FOOD FRIDAY for this week
Have a great weekend everyone
Happy eating :-)

GT : First Boyfriend

It's my first time to join here. I find the topics very interesting as I read the GT entries from Peachy kaya i decided to join, if I may.

My first, and my last boyfried was my ex-boyfriend, now my hubby, Mark. Lucky I would say that I had found my match on the first try. Eh kasi naman 23 na ko nung nagkaboy friend kaya medyo kwidaw na ko sa mga nag papalipad hangin sa kin nun. I said yes to Mark then kasi I find him very sincere. Salamat sa Diyos at di naman pala ako nagkamali. He was everything that I wanted and more. And now, meron na kaming Marianna :-)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

20 Steps for Lowering Daily Stress

Got this tips from ready the "20 very easy tips for lowering your daily stress level by Gretchen Rubin". This immediately got my attention since I have been experiencing stress from work this past few days and I just don't want these simple stresses to accumulate and just fell flat out from a heart attack.

So, if you feel like your stress level is high, try to tick off some items on this list. A little effort now means a lot less stress, later.

Go to bed thirty minutes earlier than usual.

- i go to bed when im sleepy. i dont really have a fixed time when. i should sleep earlier when possible.

Get up twenty minutes earlier than usual.

- this one is quite difficult to do specially when its cold and you're with your special someone, hehe. but to save from "gahol" moments, its always better to get up earlier than usual.

Before you go to sleep, prepare for the morning.

- its always good to be prepared. but when you have a fool load, you'll be lucky to have energy left to make a list, or even mentally prepare for the next day.

Bring a hat and an umbrella.

- do you get stressed when you get wet? i dont. i usually get colds, hehe.

Don’t wear tight clothes or uncomfortable shoes.

- comfort, ease of movement, hassle free = less stress

Make a list.

- this is very useful when you have a time frame. to save time and go do things as scheduled.

Listen to a favorite song.

- this does the trick for me. it eases up the tensions when i listen and sing a favorite song, specially when its catchy.

Keep extra cash and stamps in the house.

- having no money is indeed stressful. i don't know about stamps ..... i usually send emails, hehe.

Be polite and be fair.

- it feels good to be polite. and its less stressful when you know you're fair.

Laugh out loud.

- laughing is indeed a great way to release stress. sometimes i even intentionally laugh out load when im a little stressed out and it works.

Have a good book to read.

- it keeps your mind off the stressful things. just make sure that the topic of the book is light and not that would add up to your stress.

Keep an extra set of keys.

- hehe. i see people being pissed when they weren't able to go inside their house since they left their keys in. who would be happy to sleep outside their house?


- this one i have to engage to. they say exercising brings out the adrenalins (happy hormones) in our body. got to make time for exercise.

Always keep your passport in the same place.

- or any important documents in this case. its very stressful, not to mention time consuming to look for missing things that are very important.

Throw something away.

- does does refer to throwing things at somebody? or throwing anything unuseful? either way i think this would lower your stress level.

Don’t say mean things about other people.

- negative things said leaves negative feelings and this contributes to stress

Put a Bandaid in your wallet.

- or anything for first aid so that minor accidents won't lead to bigger infections.

Keep gas in the car.

- who won't be stressed out if you ran out of gas?

Pay attention to someone else.

- sometimes its nice to know things about other people, it takes your mind out from your own problems.

Make your bed.

- less clutter, clear mind. clear mind, less stress.

These are some tips from the article i just read. There would be other effective
tips to lessen worries/troubles/stress.

My personal addition to this, look at your love ones pictures. Me, looking at hubby and baby's picture almost always do the trick :-)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wishes do come True

Luke 11:9-10
Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, it will be opened.

I firmly believe in this and attest that God wants to bless our heart through the abundance of his love. In his own time and ways, of course, which is the perfect time always.

One of my wishes that did came true is having Marianna. Mag bf/gf pa lang kami nun ni Mark when I wished to have a baby girl that would look like Mark. True to this, after getting married, we were immediately blessed with a baby girl, that many says,looks exactly like my hubby. Indeed a wish came true.

For our next baby, we're hoping for a boy. And i'm secretly hoping it would be twins. May lahi din naman kami ng kambal both sides. And since i was a kid, im fond of eating twin bananas (iugnay daw ba sa pagkakaron ng anak na kambal?). Isa pa, my mom told me that my kuya and I supposed to have twin siblings. Kaya pala medyo malayo din agwat namin ni kuya (6 years). She had to undergo forced abortion when my supposedly twin brothers was already 5 months in her tummy. Malay naman natin, sa akin matuloy yung kambal. Pero a boy from God will already answer our prayers. O kahit girl ulit. Mas importante healthy at walang problema. Kahit ano naman na bigay ni Lord will be greatly appreciated and treasured.

Another wish of mine that did came true is having our own house. I just wished for it and leave everything to faith. True enough, opportunity came and now, we're already living in a house already registered in our name. God is good indeed.

This year, Im hoping opportunity knocks again for us. Im hoping that hubby will no longer need to work on board. Malungkot kasi pag di magkasama. Missed times together can't be rewind. There are even times that I have no communication with him at di ko maiwasan mag alala. All these years, im leaving my fears and worries into Gods hands na di nya pababayaan si Mark. And I'll forever be thankful dahil di nya kami pinababayaan.

In every wishes or hopes that we have, some will be granted, others will not but lets always keep in mind that everything happens for a reason and for our own good.

If you have anything that you're heart desires, true and sincere and good, just ask and leave everything to God. Just believe and it will come true.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

And the countdown begins ....

Hubby left for his flight early this morning at 7am. Sa Amsterdam sya magjojoin sa barko nila at madaling araw sa oras dito bukas ang dating nya dun. Hindi na namin inihatid sa airport ni Marianna at di naman pwedeng tumambay dun at para di na din madagdagan lungkot ko sa pag alis ulit nya. Medyo mas malungkot ako nung alis nya last time at bigla bigla. Sinabihan sya na aalis ng Tuesday tapos umalis na sya ng Wednesday ng gabi. Medyo nabigla ako at sobrang lungkot ko nun bukod sa kailangan ko pa mag hakot ng gamit mula sa apartment na inupahan namin pa migrate sa mga mama ko ulit. Ngayon, masasabi ko na tama lang ang oras para makapag handa ako, emotionally. Tingin ko nasabi naman namin lahat sa isa't isa ang mga dapat sabihin. Sa ngayon, wala akong dapat gawin kundi asikasuhin at alagaan ng mabuti ang anak ko at pumasok sa opisina. Kailangan ko magpaka busy ever. Gusto kong mag karon ng business. Kahit small scale lang. Yun ang next na goal namin mag asawa kasunod ng pagkakaron namin ng bahay. Given the opportunity this year, i will grab the chance to start a business. God willing if this would materialize and be successful, Im hoping hubby will stay here for good. 8 months contract nya sa barko and he'll be here by end of August or first week of September as scheduled. Nag greet na din kami ng happy valentines, happy easter at happy birthday para sa mga occasions na di kami magkasama. Katulad ng mga dati kong ginagawa pag umaalis si Mark, nag ccountdown ako till he comes back home again. I'll count this day already kaya 7 mos 29 days na lang, nandito na sya ulit. Ilang tulog na lang at may kayakap na ulit ako :-).

Friday, January 8, 2010

I'll be missing you ... yet again

I was about to make an entry for food friday but im really not in the mood of doing anything. Lo bat ako at nasasad at aalis nanaman ang aking mahal na asawa. Yet another 8 months to count until he arrives again for work. hay ... eto yung part na ayaw ko and one of the disadvantages kung ofw ang better half mo. oh well. sacrifices had to be done and this is part of our sacrifice. a light one for some since mas mahirap pa nga pinagdadaanan ng ibang couples pero ewan ko ba bakit di pa din ako masanay sanay at dinadamdam ko pa din pag umaalis sya. pero may mga pagkakaiba ngayon kaysa nung mga nakaraang alis ni mark.

Una,hindi na ko mag hahakot ng gamit. Nakadalawang hakot kasi ako ng gamit at nagugupahan lang kami nung unang dalawang alis nya. Ang hirap mag hakot ng gamit. Lalo na at ako lahat halos ang nag aayos. Ngayon, di na ako mag mimigrate kay mama at may sarili na kaming bahay. Salamat sa Diyos.

Pangalawa, medyo malaki na si Marianna. Pwede na kaming mamasyal at maglibang at pwede na syang maisama.

Pangatlo, di nya ako iiwang buntis (naku sana nga!). nung nabuntis kasi ako kay marianna, nakaalis na sya nung nalaman ko na buntis nga ko. naku naka ilang timba na luha yata ako yung duration na di ko sya kasama. ganun pala pag buntis. super sensitive. feeling ko sobra akong kawawa. kaya ngayon sinabihan ko sya na sa susunod na magkakababy ulit kami, di muna sya aalis at parang na troma na ko sa sobrang lungkot.

Pang apat, kasama ko na sa bahay mama nya, si mama rowena at sis nya na si rio. less stress ito para sa kin kasi sigurado ako na maaalagaan ng maayos si marianna. di katulad pag iniwan mo sa ibang tao.

Pang lima, mas marami akong aktibidades na naka linya na gawin kaya i'll be super busy. more things to do, less time to be sad (hopefully).

I'll be missing you yet again sweetie. Take good care of yourself for me and marianna. As we always say pag nasa barko ka, till the next text, calls and emails.
I love you forever.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Philippine holidays and long-weekend schedule for 2010

Tuwing umpisa ng taon, naka ugalian ko ng tumingin ng mga holidays para mag plano ng mga lakad at kadalasan syempre hinahanap ko kung san matatapat yung long weekends.

Eto ang aking napag alaman ...

Here is the schedule of Philippine holidays and long-weekends for 2010 based on RA 9492 and Proclamation 1841

January 1 (Fri) - New Year's Day (five-day long weekend from December 30 to January 3)February 22 (Mon) - EDSA Revolution Anniversary April 1 (Thu) - Holy ThursdayApril 2 (Fri) - Good Friday (four-day long weekend from April 1 to 4)April 9 (Fri) - Araw ng Kagitingan (three-day long weekend from April 9 to 11)May 1 (Sat) - Labor DayJune 14 (Mon) - Independence Day (three-day long weekend from June 12 to 14)August 23 (Mon) - Ninoy Aquino Day (three-day long weekend from August 21 to 23)August 30 (Mon) - National Heroes Day (three-day long weekend from August 28 to 30)September - Eid'l Fitr (to be announced, calculated September 10, possible three-day long weekend from September 10 to 12)November 1 (Mon) - All Saints Day (three-day long weekend from October 30 to November 1)November - Eid 'l Adha (to be announced, calculated November 16)November 29 (Mon) - Bonifacio Day (three-day long weekend from November 27 to 29)December 24 (Fri) - Non-Working HolidayDecember 25 (Sat) - ChristmasDecember 27 (Mon) - Rizal Day (four-day long weekend from December 24 to 27)December 31 (Fri) - Non-Working HolidayJanuary 1 - (Sat) New Year's Day (three-day long weekend from December 31 to January 2) ---

Taken from the Manila Bulletin Travel blog's post.

Sana ay makatulong ito sa inyo o makapag bigay tuwa kahit papaano :-)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Makulit na si Marianna

Yan po ang makulit at syempre cute kong anak na si Marianna.
As of today 1 year old, 3 mos and 7 days na sya.
Mabilis na sya maglakad at hinahawi pa o tinutulak kung sino man ang nakaharang sa kanyang daraanan. Nakakaakyat na din sya hangang tatlong baitang ng hagdan. Medyo natatakot nga lang bumaba kaya inaalalayan pag bumababa sya.
Marunong na sya uminom sa straw tska sa baso. Minsan lang ay nasasamid pag gumagamit ng straw at nasosobrahan ng higop. Malakas na din sya kumain ng solid food. Mahilig sya sa spaghetti, pansit at sopas.
Ngayon, takot sa kanya si Raine, anak ng kuya ko na halos kasing idaran nya at matanda lang ng 27 days (Sept 1 si Raine, Sept 28 naman si Marianna). Kasi naman, inaagaw ni Marianna kung ano man ang hawak ni Raine. Hinahawakan pa yung kabilang kamay nya at biglang kinukuha yung hawak nya sa isang kamay. Kaya tuloy ngayon si Raine, makita pa lang sya ay umiiyak na.
Maliit pa lang, mukhang may pagka siga tong anak ko. Nagmana siguro sa akin at ayaw akuin ni Mark yung ugali nya na ganun. Nung maliit kasi ako, may pagka pasaway din ako. Ayan tuloy. Mukhang unti-unti, magpapatotoo na ko sa sabi-sabi na kung ano ginawa mo, gagawin din sa yo ng anak mo. he he.
Kagabi, nagising sya ng alanganing oras. Nasuka kasi ang bata at madaming nakaing french fries dun sa mga kuya ko tapos sinupal palan pa ng 2 bote ng gatas ng ama. Kaya ayun, 10pm na ay gising na gising pa din. Ginawa namin, pinatayan namin sya ng ilaw at kunyari tulog na din kami. Sigaw ng sigaw at nananawag. Nung medyo tumahimik, akala namin tulog na. Tapos may biglang lumanding na unan sa min. Binato nya yung unan nya sa min, hehe. Talaga naman. Syempre wala naman kami nagawa kung di tumawa.
Ang sarap ng may anak. Mahirap na masaya. Mahirap kasi syempre ibang iba ang buhay may anak na kaysa yung kayong dalawa pa lang mag asawa. Di na pwedeng matulog hangang gusto mo at kailangan bigyan ng gatas o palitan ng diaper ang bata. Na kahit antok na antok ka na ay mapipilitan kang kumilos at maglinis ng maduming bote ng anak mo. Na kahit pagod na pagod ka na ay pupunasan mo sya at pag luluto para kumain. Masaya naman kasi iba yung pakiramdam e. Hindi ko ma paliwanag ng konkreto. Pag may anak ka na, mas may kahulugan ang buhay. Hindi ka na nabubuhay para sa sarili mo. Nabubuhay ka para sa kanila.
Mahal na mahal ka namin ng Daddy mo anak. Marami pa kami madidiskubre sa ugali mo habang lumalaki ka at umpisa pa lang yan. Kung ano pa man, dito lang kami para sumubaybay sa yo at maggabay para malaman mo kung ano ang tama. Naway, tama naman ang maituro namin, hehe.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Trendy Vintage Bike

Yan po ang bago kong bike. Bigay ng kuya ko. Nung minsan kasi nung umuwi ako, binati ko tong bike na to. Ganda kasi ng kulay. Tapos tinanong ko kuya ko kung magkano bili nya. Sabay sabi na akin na lang daw. Di ko nga pinansin at akala ko ay nagbibiro lang sya. Kahapon, dinala nya na lang sa amin at binigay na nga talaga sa akin. Thanks Kuya :-)

Gusto ko talaga mag bike. Exercise na rin. Pero kailangan ko pa mag practice. Foot break kasi yung bike, may shifter at ang laki ng handle bars, hirap pa ako lumiko. At isa pa, tagal na nung huli ako nag bike. High school pa siguro ko nun. Pero nakakapag bike pa naman ako nung sinubukan ko paandarin.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Media Noche Eats


This is our Media Noche spread yesterday.

I prepared the pepperoni and cheese rolls and the sotanghon soup. Hubby requested the sotanghon, for long life na din.

Round Fruits with fresh fruit salad on the side, Tikoy Rolls and Hopia for Good luck.

Pork Barbeque and Crispy Pata courtesy of my brother.
The Crispy Pata is bought in Jamicos Restaurant in Malabon and my brother is a frequent customer because of their famous Judy Ann Crispy Pata.

Happy New Year Everbody. Wishing us all happiness, success, peace, prosperity, good luck, good health and love this new year. God bless always.