Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sitting Pretty

Ayan, napagkatuwaan lang ng mama ko ibili si Marianna ng inflatable na upuan. Si strawberry shortcake yan, di lang kita yung mukha kasi nasandalan nya. Picturan ko daw. At ayan na nga isa sa mga kuha nya, sitting pretty habang nakatingin kay Mommy.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Scrappin Mondaze 8: Marianna's Playtime

This is my entry for this week. As usual, i love taking pictures of

my precious daughter anytime of the day and these are taken during her playtime.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

7 Tools of Happiness

I have been reading Bo Sanchez's Blog on How do you want to be very happy and in this is what he considers as his 7 tools of happiness. Lets see how I level to these tools.

1. Happy people create their destiny.

* Hmmm, did i create my destiny? I think I somewhat did. I had my first boyfriend when i
was already 23 years old. And hoped and prayed that he'll be the one that I'll eventually
marry. And it came true. After 5 years, my bf then became my ex when he became my
husband. Am I happy? Of course. I love him to death. Who wouldn't be happy to marry
their first love and one and only love of their life?

2. Happy people like themselves a lot

* Do I like myself? I do but not a lot. This is I have to get used to, to be
really happy. Not for being a narcist but for inner contentment.
People nowadays, including myself are not really happy of how they look like or what
they have. And happiness is not having everything you want but in being contented
for what you already have.

3. Happy people nurture connections

* I do this now more than before i got married. Friends adds happiness to your life. I stay
connected thru emails and the ym but if i have time, i do met them once in a while. Having
friends aside from your immediate family makes you feel glad inside. And the ones that
are there to listen thru happy or bad times lessens up your burdens or multiply your

4. Happy people find delight everywhere

* This one I truly believe. It makes you very happy to have delight on simple things like
a good nights' sleep, the smell of fresh linens, the smile of your daughter or a free jeepney
fare courtesy of an office mate.

Being appreciative lightens up your burden. And if used to this habit, you may not
even realize you're experiencing one.

5. Happy people embrace change

* Do I embrace change? I don't really, but i accept it. I don't go against it. And accepting
change doesn't bring headaches. People without headaches should be happy. He he.

6. Happy people trust deeply

* This one I have trouble with. I don't trust 100%. Its only God who I trust all the way.
But I do agree that when you trust deeply, it makes you truly happy since you don't have
any doubts and having doubts decreases the level of happiness.

7. Happy people work their purpose daily

* What is my purpose anyways? Now, I believe my purpose is to be a good daughter to
my parents, a loving, faithful and understanding wife to my husband, a patient, loving
caring mommy to my daughter and a good employee to my bosses. In my assessment,
I'm doing an ok job. But still needs improvement. My additional purpose? To someday
pay back God for all his goodness and kindness in spite of my shortcomings.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Scrapping Mondaze 7: Summer

This is my entry for this week's theme
These pictures were taken in Coco Beach - Puerto Galleria Mindoro almost 5 years ago

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Wow!!! A Kreativ Blogger Award from Peachy . Thank you so much Peachy. Pero
as Cherrie Gil said I'm only a second rate, trying hard, copycat compared to you .
Walang sabuyan ng wine ha? he he
Here are the award rules:
Name 7 things that you love and then pass the award on to 7 other kreative bloggers.
1. I love my sweetie and my daugther Marianna.

2. I love my family and friends.

3. I love God of course!

4. I love dogs.

5. I love chocolates.

6. I love potato chips.

7. I love scrapbooking. Whether paper o digital.

Im passing this to my digi scrap palls namely: Z, Ebie, Carlota, Arlene, Chuchi, Elvz and to

my dear friend Laarnie. Girls feel free to get your award from me .

Remembering Papa

Sa Saturday, March 21, birthday ng papa ko. If he's alive today, 59 na dapat sya. He died of cancer in 2004. Im a papa's girl and i miss him everyday. My papa is a diciplinarian. Sya yung tipong di ka talaga papalagpasin pag mali ka. I still remember when I was in grade school, we have a machine shop sa ibaba ng bahay namin. I don't know why i acted that way then na parang pinag malditahan ko yung isa naming tauhan sa shop. My dad confronted me pero di sa harap ng mga tauhan nya. He talked to me privately. He told me na di dapat ganun arte ko kasi pare pareho lang kaming tao and are just doing decent jobs to earn a living. Salamat sa papa ko, i think it made a big impact on me para maging down to earth. Hala, i hope this does not count as being mayabang when im telling everybody that im down to earth. he he. My papa calls me "pangit". Lambing nya siguro sa kin nun. Im "Boyang" and he is "Boy" and they say we look alike kaya ako naging Boyang. I miss his lambing. Malambing ang papa ko. One time i can still recall, dalawa lang kami sa room, then he stood up and dialled the phone. Sa kwarto kasi nila ni mama sa taas, dalawa yung phone, extension ng phone sa office nya sa baba ng bahay. Then the other phone rang. I stood up to answer the phone syempre kasi alam ko he's calling someone sa kabilang phone. Then when i said hello, pigil na pigil yung tawa nya. He's the one calling in the other line. Ang kulit ng papa ko. Tapos kiniliti ko sya sa tyan. Tawa sya ng tawa. I love you so much papa. I miss you dearly. I hope and wish that you're happy wherever you are. Nakita mo na ba si Marianna? 3 na apo mo sa min papa. Its a shame that you were'nt able to see them. I know you love kids so much and would have been a great grandpa. Don't worry, mama is a wonderful lola to them. We love and miss you so much.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Scrappin Mondaze #6: Aspiring Singer

This is my entry for this week. Immediately after giving her toy mike, my daughter hmms like as if she's singing .... An aspiring singer perhaps?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sinong Kamukha?

Ano masasabi nyo? Sinong kamukha ni Marianna?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Scrappin Mondaze 5: Our Sweetheart

This is my entry for this week.
I miss my husband so much. I know he misses us as well.
Marianna and her daddy's picture was taken shortly before he left
for work. Marianna si kinda teary eyed in the shot as if she knows
daddy will be leaving for 8 months.
Layout tools: HP Photosmart essential 3.5

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Remembering my Pregnant Days

A dear friend of mine is pregnant kaya bumabalik ang mga alaala ng aking pregnant days pag nagkukuwentuhan kami. And here are some of the things na di ko makalimutan:
1. People are extra nice when you're pregnant
. Nung buntis pa ko, special treatment ako lagi. Sa bahay, sa office pati pag mamimili ako, o nag lalakad lang, todo alalay sila sa kin. Kaya medyo mahirap mag adjust ngayong nakapanganak na ko. Parang hinahanap hanap ko yung mga priveledge ko nun. he he

2. You have the license to eat as much as you want pag buntis ka. Pero syempre, yung healthy lang dapat kainin for you and your baby. Ngayon kasi, eto nanaman ko. Control sa pagkain nanaman at baka tumaba at mahirapan mag diet. Eh pinag lihian ko nun pizza, 2wks yata akong kumain ng pizza. Gustong gusto ko kasi. Tapos sa palengke, sumasama ko kay mama, bumibili ako ng biscuit sa maliliit na plastic. Yung tig-5 pesos lang isa. Kaso lang etong si mama, pinalitan ba naman yung mga pinili ko. Kasi pinili ko yung medyo tusta. Masarap kasi yun. Pag uwi ko, puro mapuputi na yung biscuit. Sabi ng mama ko, pinalitan daw nyat baka kasi maging negra anak ko. Hala.
he he.

3. Yun usapang pamahiin. Di naman totoo yun at di naman ako naniniwala sa pamahiin. Yung lolo ko sa guiguinto nung bumisita kami, tigas na bilin. Mag iingat daw ako na wag matitisod o madadapa dahil magiging ungi (cleft pallet) daw anak ko. Tapos daw, pag may nakita daw akong pangit o nasa isip ko daw ay pangit, sabihin ko daw " Uy, ang pangit mo" kasi daw pag hindi, maiinternalize ko yun at ang anak ko ang magiging pangit. Comedy. Tawa ko ng tawa. Kung gagawin ko yun, baka maging magpanglait baby ko nyan. Pero at least di pangit ano?
ha ha

Sarap ireminise yung mga araw na yun at marami akong naexperience na nakakaiba as a first time preggers. Ang bilis ng panahon. Parang naaalala ko pa yung araw na nag positive ako sa pregnancy test. Ngayon, 5 mos na si Marianna
. Di ko mamamalayan we'll having our next baby na (hopefully not too soon).

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another Digi Scrapbook Page

My first entry to scrappin mondaze. Just made these pages now. I'm new to this and hoping to be continuing making entries every Monday. Of course still, the star of my scrapbooks would be my precious daughter Marianna.