Monday, April 27, 2009

Scrappin Mondaze: Mommy and Baby Moments

This is my entry for Mommy and Daughter theme for this week.

These pictures were taken this weekend when i get to have one on one momment with

my baby when her yaya took her day off. he he. Sa totoo lang, masaya ko pag day off ng yaya nya. Solong solo ko kasi pag aalaga ko sa kanya. She even fell asleep in my arms.

Ang sarap sarap ng feeling. I dont feel the time passing by when im with my precious daughter .

Monday, April 20, 2009

Scrappin Mondaze : Our Pride and Joy

This is my entry for this week. Ganito pala feeling ng isang mommy. I miss my daughter everytime i leave her for work and I think of her constantly. Hay.... I hope and pray that she'll always be safe. She is my reason to be thankful everyday.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our Stick Family Figure Picture

Stick Figure Family at

Make your Stick Figure Family at

Tried this through Peachy. Kakatuwa. Ganyan talaga buhok ni Mark. Ako naman nag iilusyon na kahit sa drawing mag ka boobs. Si Marianna nakakatayo na dyan pero ngayon, upo at gapang pa lang sya .

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shopping for Native Cookies

Di ako nakapasok kahapon, nag pa check up ako sa Dr. sa Concepcion malabon.
Tapos may nakita ko na bakery na puro native cookies tinda, N. Juance Orig. Bakery. Ang saya ko. Nag turo ako ng nag turo sa tindera. Ayan ang nabili ko, worth Php 120.00 lahat. Clockwise: Mini camachille - crunchy mini cookies shaped like the vegie camachile, pacencia - crunchy round cookies, mini camachille ulit, camachile, pianono - mamon na nakarolyo na parang may yema o leche flan sa gitna (dalawa yan nakain ko na yung isa agad, he he), mamon tostado - crunchy mamon, lengua de gato - flat milk cookies tska puto seco - round white cookies yung nasa gitna. Pinaka gusto ko? yung pianono. Yun yata specialty nila dun. Naalala ko tuloy nabanggit ng papa ko na dun sya bumibili ng pianono na binibigay nya kay mama nung nanliligaw pa daw sya. Masarap daw kasi talaga dun.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Marianna can do that

I receive regular emails from the "Welcome baby Home site". I registered then as soon as I found out that i was pregnant. Their site is I just received a email just now telling that my baby is 6.5 months (26 weeks old) and should be doing these things. Lets see if my Marianna does any of these things already.

By now your baby should:

* Be able to sit unaided for a short time

- Happy to say my Marianna already does. She plays in her crib sitting down and sitting back on her round pillow.

* Be learning about cause and effect by repeating actions again and again

- She has this butterfly alphabet toy that she bangs in her hand over and over again. And she seems to press on letter "E" and "Y". Probably she likes hearing the sound an Elephant makes and wants to learn how to spell "yoyo" . Also this past week when I got the privelege of taking care of her because of the holy week vacation, i taught her how to use her training cup. After a few tries, she can hold the cup through the handle by herself. Im very proud of her.

Ayan ang anak ko. Holding her Training cup. Tuwang tuwa ako sa kanya, I praise her as i teach her how to use her cup. As i tell her how bright she is, she even looks at me as she uses the cup by herself.

Im very proud of her.

* Show some understanding of object permanence

- I think my Marianna does this already. She has this caterpillar toy placed on the right side of her crib and always plays with it. Tapos may spongebob na toy na nakasabit. When we watch "Spongebob square pants", she always look at her spongebob toy then balik tingin sa tv. he he.

* Reach out for objects more accurately

- As a crawling practice, I always place things for her to reach para bumilis sya gumapang .

* Anticipate being lifted up by holding up her arms or head

- In our playtime, i lay her down sa kama and kinikiliti. She has her hands open in an embracing position anticipating that i'll be tickling her. Tapos, pag angat ko, basa na din ako ng laway kasi nang kikiss na sya.

* Smile at own face in mirror
- Eto she does this kahit nung mag 4 months pa lang yata sya. Kasi minsan when we play around, lagi ko sya hinaharap sa salamin. She watches herself giggle from the mirror and even look at me from the mirror when she's on her crib.

By now your baby probably will:

* Be shy with strangers and even exhibit fear
- Ngayon, nangigilala na kasi sya kaya pag ibang tao nakita, umiiyak.

* Bang things on the floor or high chair to make a noise
- My Marianna does bang her hand on her butterfly alphabet toy and makes noise.

* Continue to practice pre - crawling movements
- My Marianna always crawl whether on her crib or placed in the bed.

* Drink from a cup or beaker, with spills

- Eto di ko pa nasubukan. Pero i'll bet my Marianna can do that already.

* Look at strangers seriously instead of with open smiles
- My Marianna does when i sometimes bring her with me outside our house.

By now your baby may even:

* Use index finger to poke at things

Ayan po ang anak ko. Nakaturo. he he

* Give you hugs and kisses
- My Marianna already does during our playtime .

* Laugh out loud during playtime

- Ang lakas tumawa ng Marianna ko. Tingnan ko lang, tumatawa na. Babaw ng kaligayahan .

* Look around briefly for a dropped object.

- My Marianna does this already. Minsan kasi pag binuhat ko sya from her crib, laging may dala dala. Laruan, pamunas nya o kay unan. Then malalaglag, nakatingin din sya dun sa hawak nya na nalaglag.

* Show interest in adults, childen and other babies

- My Marianna shows interest on people, specially babies like her even in her early months.

Namimintana yan and loves looking at the playing kids sa labas namin. Then she watches tv

attentively lalo na pag commercial. She loves yung commercial ng ice cream with the line "Si
Daddy" tska yung 3 in 1 plus one dance ni Vhong Navarro with kids .

* Enjoy finger foods

Ayan po sya .... Kumakain ng baby biscuits .

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Scrappin Mondaze 9: Smilling Marianna

Here's my entry for this week. A collage of my daughter's picture smiling.