Sunday, January 4, 2009

Interesting Dream

I just woke up to a very amusing and interesting dream. I was walking in a school campus when I saw my husband Mark talking and kissing another girl. Not sure if we're still boyfriend and girlfriend in my dream but still seeing that scenario made me furious. Anyways, im writing this blog not telling my husband first about this dream, he heh. I approached them and grabbed the girls' hair and started a fist fight. Lalo akong nagalit when Mark turned away from me and kissed the girl on the lips, talaga nga naman. Kaya I turned to him and slapped him in the face. Sobrang galit ko i just told him that I hate him and I don't want to talk to him anymore and just stormed away from the scene. Lahat ng makasalubong ko sa campus hinahawi ko, I even saw my former highschool classmate, Novalyn Ramos na hinawi ko din sa dream ko. Hi Nova! Sensya na di kita nagreet man lang sa dream ko, ha ha. Tapos I just received a text from Mark na nasa hospital daw sila ni Anne, pangalan nung girl. They were to be treated for the bruises from my scratches and hits. Tapos he was explaining sa text na he met yung Anne sa auction when he participated in an auction fund and the girl won the bid to have a date with him. By the way, the Anne in my dream is not my friend Annie. The Anne in my dream has long hair, brown skin, tall and chubby. Nagising na ko e. Pero most of the time, i get to control my dream kaya dapat I was about to storm them in the hospital and confront them both. Pasalamat sila narinig ko si Marianna naglalaro kaya my attention was turned to my daughter.

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