Monday, July 27, 2009

And the winner is .... zzzz

Did it ever happen to you when you're looking forward to watch a certain program and when you're about to know or get to the very important part of the show you snooze off? It often happens to me. Last Saturday, i was watching Jessica soho reports and was awake most part of it. Then before the commercial break, the part where i was most interested in was about to go next, a segment that tells how our favorite pasalubong like walis tambo and the well known Romana peanut brittle in Baguio was originated. As usual I accidentally slept on it and when i woke up, its Mike Enriquez's imbestigador already. It happened again yesterday, I was watching K! and again, i slept on the jackpot round and was clueless if Charlene Aguilar won the jackpot. It was not the first time that i slept on the most important part of the show. I can still remember when i slept on last years' Binibining Pilipinas awarding of winners and the Biggest Looser season 5 announcement of the winner. Funny but it seems that the sleep fairy blows her dust on me not on cue. Next time, I'll probably watch TV sitting down specially when i really want to know the ending.

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