Monday, June 15, 2009

Scrappin Modaze: The many faces of Marianna while watching tv commercials

These are the many faces of my daughter while watching TV. She loves commercials particularly. Pag nanonood yan, hindi ko makausap ng maayos. Nandun attention nya sa TV. She loves commercials with kids and family in particular. I enjoy looking at her when she watches those commercials. I love it when she makes different facial expressions as if she fully understands what she is watching.
Scrap tools: HP Photo smart Essential 3.5


  1. awww love the photo montage DJ! cute talaga si Marianna! Pwede na pang commercial! :)

  2. cute ng facial ako entry,my gas!

  3. what a cute baby. miss ko tuloy nung baby pa si Julie.

    Love the LO

  4. She's trying to emulate the ads. She might be a future star! She's growing so fast!