Monday, June 22, 2009

Food Friday : Snow peas with Ginger Chicken and Oyster Sauce

Its my first time to be in this meme "food Friday". I'm a foodie in nature and is into discovering new things to cook specially now that I'm into it. I just discovered the joy of cooking in addition to my love of eating. I find it very fulfilling. I cooked this snow peas with ginger chicken and oyster sauce last week. Its a recipe i got from Peachy in one of her south beach diet recipes only i added some oyster sauce. Hope to be able to join weekly. Happy eating/cooking fellow foodies !!!


  1. Welcome to Food Friday Dj!
    weheheh..isfeysyal mention pa ako dito..

  2. Welcome to Food Friday! :)

    that looks sooo good! would love to try that...but i just might change the chicken to tokwa. lol.

    appreciate much your joining, Dj
    enjoy the rest of the week!

    ps. will add you to the blogroll after i get to publish my comment here. :P