Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lunch Date at Sbarro

Last thursday, Hubby accompanied me when I renewed my passport.
I promised to treat him for lunch to any resto of his choice ...
We ended up eating at Sbarro

 Deep-Dish pizza and Cream Dory in Lemon Sauce

The meat lovers deep dish pizza was soaked in tomato sauce and most of what I can taste from it was bell pepper. I prefer their white deep dish pizza.

The cream dory in Lemon sauce was nice and light.

Egg plant parmegana & a slice of cheesecake (toppings: blueberry, mango & cherry)

The eggplant parmegana tasted like the deep dish pizza except with the eggplant. Probably because of the same tomato based sauce in it.

The cheesecake was really good. I would order a slice of this again when we dine out at Sbarro.

We always order Raspberry Iced tea when we go here   ...

After lunch, hubby and I did some HHWW at the mall as we scout for an oven range ....

Then we head on Dairy queen to rest our feets and have something sweet and refreshing sa well

 Citrus Cooler for Hubby (Php 79.00)

Small Green Tea Moolate for me (Php 39.00)

My green tea moolate was relatively small but it was all the satisfying bulk that I really needed. It was tasty too. I could compare it to the Green tea smoothies in some fro-yo stores.

I love eating out. Specially with hubby. While he's here on leave for work, im looking forward for more eating out dates with him and Marianna.