Friday, February 12, 2010

Meeting Rebekha Willis

Yesterday we had a meeting with one of our owners representative. Captain Utsonomia (Capt. Utz) and Ms. Rebekha Willis from Moltank UK. Rebekha and I constantly email each other for queries and I was excited/curious to be seeing her the first time. Nagdala nga ko ng tissue, in case my nose bleed sa pag hagilap ko ng ingles pag kinausap ko na sya, hehe. The meeting turned out well, since we have discussed everything in her agenda. And request, queries in our part was answered as well.

She even gave us some chocolates

Cadburry Milk Tray

from left to right (Captain Utsonomia, Rebekha Willis, me, Mrs. Duran our Chief Accountant, Jenny Mendoza, Mr. Duran our President & Captain Dayo our Fleet Operations Manager)

Im glad to have the chance to meet someone whom I regularly has correspondence with.

Hulas hulasan kami dyan at sira ang aircon ! Si Captain Utz, panay punas ng pawis sa mukha.

Medyo mahirap din sila intindihin at may kakaibang accent. Buti na lang at tumabi ako kay Rebekha kaya nag kaintindihan naman kami (I hope so!).

I have been wondering for the longest time how Rebekha looks like. Ngayon di na ko mang huhula at I did finally meet her in person. I was able to talk with her over the phone one time and I was expecting her to be between 30-40 years old, tall and pretty. And she is. On top of it, she's nice too. So is Captain Utsonomia. I have no idea if we'll ever meet again. But one thing for sure, now , I'll look forward to it. :-)


  1. it's nice to finally put a face behind the email address, right? i also enjoy meeting foreign clients i've been corresponding with--meron mataray sa email pero mabait sa personal, meron naman mabit sa email pero mataray ang dating.:p

  2. Nagsilabasan na mga chocolates dahil Valentines. Dami ko ng nakain hehehe! Buti namn mabbaait yong mga kameeting mo.

  3. Matakaw talaga tong kapatid ko nanghihingi pa ng chocolate e isang supot yung chocolates nya dito no! hmmmmp ako na lang bigyan mo no! hihihi!

  4. Hi DJ,
    you must be surprised, anxious, excited and relieved upon seeing the faces behind the names. :) they must be good guests kasi parang walang angal kahit sira aircon! :) ikaw naman, you still look fresh :P

    Happy Valentine's Day, DJ!

  5. hi ate anney. mga addik talaga tayo sa chocolates ano? hehe

  6. hello ms. beth. i was a little nervous. kala ko kasi masungit si rebekha. i was very relieved when i got to meet her and capt utz. they were really nice :-)