Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twilight Saga : New Moon

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Mark and I watched New Moon last Monday at the Robinsons place ermita movie theater. The last time I went out to see a movie is also with him and its Twilight. Im predicting that the next time we'll get to see a movie again is for the 3rd installment of this book series. Anyways, i would say this is better than the first one. Medyo bitin lang ako sa mga fight scenes. I kept on waiting for Victoria to attack Bella, pero nabitin lang ako. I don't read the book kaya I can't really say if the movie adaptation is lacking. What I can say is TEAM JACOB ako, he he. Taylor Laughtner here is so buff and beautiful as Bella said. I was wondering why I was so mesmerized by Edward nun sa Twilight. Nawala appeal nya sa kin nung nakita ko si Jacob dito. Lampayatot sya and maputla (vampire effect) unlike Jacob na very musculine and well-built. Oh well, kakasal na si Bella and Edward next and we'll be watching again to follow this movie franchise up to the end of the series.

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