Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Bed Time Discoveries by Johnson & Johnson

I'm lucky to have the chance to attend Johnson and Johnson's special event for bloggers entitled "Baby Bedtime A to Zzzs". They were very gracious to allow me to come along with my BFF Peachy, who got the invitation to attend the event. The presentation was held at the Japan room of the Ascot Residences in Makati City last Saturday, January 30, 2010.

It was hosted by celebrity mom Tin-Tin Bersola - Babao, who was in spite of having her C - section scheduled early the next day, although very pregnant, is still as blooming as ever (some people are just sooo lucky).

Dr. Luis Rivera, a member of the Philippine Society for Sleep Medicine ( I didn't even know there's a specific study about sleeping ), was there to explain the importance of sleep in every baby / toddler / growing child's physical and mental growth and development. He explained to us, through slides, the results of the sleep study conducted by J&J.

There are three steps that Johnson's recommends for ensuring a more sound and restful sleep for your baby. The steps were demonstrated by midwives J&J brought to the event along with some volunteer mommy bloggers.

Step 1: A warm bath or punas using Johnson's baby bedtime bath
Step 2: A soothing massage with Johnson's baby bedtime lotion
Step 3: Some quiet time with Johnson's baby bedtime powder

These steps were demonstrated by the midwives and were done in a way that anyone could easily do themselves at home with their babies. I find myself at the front near the stations since I was very interested in the step by step process so that I can do these properly with Marianna. They showed us ways on how to properly give sponge baths to infants. I love step 2 the most. They thought us the I L U (i love you), milking and butterfly style of massaging. While quiet time consist of story telling & singing soft lullabies and putting Johnson's bedtime powder to your baby.

After the demonstrations, there were games and a Q & A portion where the mommy bloggers brought up their concerns about their kids' sleeping behaviors.

After eating a hearty lunch, also courtesy of J&J, the attendees were given goodie bags with the products that were used in the demos and a very comfy slippers for us mommies.

I enjoyed attending my first ever blogger event very much since being a first time mom, I want to know everything that could be very useful on raising up my Marianna the best that she can be. Thank you very much Johnson & Johnson for this opportunity.

If you want to know more about Johnson & Johnson's Baby Bedtime products and other very useful information and tips, you can log into :


  1. luka-luka..I didn't force Nuffnang..I asked gracefuly if you could come..Looking forward to more blogger's event with you, gurl!

  2. nice meeting you, DJ! I had a nice time talking to you and Peachy, who I only meet for the first time there! :)

    dami natin natutunan no? ako nga I do the 3 steps to my two kids since they were infants, dati ko pa kasi alam un, pero mdami pa din ako natutunan. now that they're 6 and 8, apply ko pa din un 3 steps kasi nakasanayan na nila, mdali sila makatulog.

    anyway, nice meeting you talaga, i already added you up sa bloglist ko ha? take care!