Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hello 2011, Good bye and Thank you 2010!

Hello blog! I have missed more than a month updating you. I have been busy with the holidays, baking, doing office work and spending time with hubby and baby. During the holidays, we prepared food for noche buena and media noche (hoping to post about it soon), with  baking, I have been making cookies and cupcakes here and there to give away (recipes to come ...) after work which I would say that Im very lucky that I don't get to do much overtime, I usually come early from work to have some play time and sweet time with my baby and hubby.

Hmmm. What are the things that I won't forget about 2010? In general, it was a good year for us. God is so good to be always there to guide, bless and protect me and my family. It is in 2010 that I got promoted at the office (with matching promotion on work loads as well, hehe) but I was happy to oblige with the challenge and with the help of my bosses, I would say and I do hope that I did met their expectations.

Blessings in different forms came from different places. Some experiences, not so good but still ends up well as I learned more things about life. Lets just live it just the way it is and make the most of what we already have.

Another one that would remain quite a while is when I won the 3rd prize in our christmas party raffle! The prize? $ 300.00 !!! I was even doubting during the party that my raffle ball was missing! he he. I was super blessed I would say. This really came in handy during the holidays.

In 2010, I have gained friends and experiences that I will forever treasure. Thank you 2010. Thank you God.
Hello 2011.


  1. Happy New Year,bff!!!Ang swerte naman..libre naman dyan!

  2. Huwawwwww very lucky! Congrats! Happy 2011!