Saturday, June 26, 2010


As I was about to finish cleaning the aircon screen in our garage this morning, when i heard a loud knock on the door. Upon opening, an LBC person handed me my MOMMY PAGES.

I did request a copy of this through email about a month ago. I read about this on the May 2010 issue of Smart Parenting. Its a very useful directory for mommies which provides as a reference guide to places, numbers and all things parent related. From shopping stores, play centers, theme parks, childbirth & lamaze classes, and even cord blood bank services and best of all, its FREE!!! Ms. Janice Villanueva, together with Sen Pia Cayetano, founded Mommy Pages, this is indeed a must have for moms like me. Thank you so much.

If you would like a your own copy of Mommy Pages, just email them at


  1. hmmnn.. teka nga makapag-request nga..

    BTW, love the new LO.

  2. you're welcome! glad you got your copy. thanks for the post!!

  3. Nice! Kailangan nga ni sis ng ganyan!