Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mark's Egypt Adventure

Before going home last 16Th of August, my husband, Mark had the chance to have a tour around the Great pyramids of Egypt since his flight was canceled for one day.

Here he is. Pointing at the Pyramid as if he's a giant.

Enjoying at his camel ride as he tours around the pyramids.
There are 9 pyramids all in there according to him.

View shot of the site.

Then he went to the museum where he purchased a papyrus of us and of Marianna that is now framed in our living room. He also bought me some oil of rose, mint & Cleopatra (perfume).

Tour Guide & Camel Ride - $ 100.00
Papyrus - $ 7o.00
Oils - $ 40.00

My husband has toured almost around the world. One of the perks of his job. Hopefully someday, Marianna and will I get to come with him.

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  1. lucky! but i guess he misses you and Marianna, too. that's just the downside ... i hope that you and Marianna will one day join him in one of his trips, too! :)