Monday, September 27, 2010


Last saturday before going home from Marianna's gymboree class at Trinoma, I asked hubby if we could pass by Contis to buy a slice of their famous Mango Bravo.

We bought some Chicken pies (Php 25.00/ea), a slice of Mango Bravo (Php 120.00/slice) and half a box of their assorted pastries (Php 150.00)

Assorted Pastries
All of these taste good. I particularly like the marbled brownies.

A slice of Mango Bravo.
Now I know it does taste good.
Even hubby liked this.

I hope we can try some of their dishes the next time we go there but another slice of Mango Bravo will definitely be on our menu again.

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  1. i like their chicken pie too! try their turtle pie and black velvet cake :D yumm.