Friday, September 11, 2009

Food Friday : Shakey's Big Pizza

We celebrated my niece Raine's 1st birthday last weekend at Shakeys Edsa-Caloocan Branch and my Kuya ordered this additional large pizza for his visitors. It servers 25-30 persons with pepperoni, hawaiian, managers choice and meat lovers variants. My personal choice? Pepperoni. But i prefer their thin crust than the thick ones.
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Have a great weekend everyone. Happy Eating :-D


  1. uy, alam mo dati nung 1st b-day ni yk..plan din namin magpaganyan kaso di natuloy..hehe

    eto nga pala link ng FF:

  2. how big is that? mukhang masarap at malaki nga!!! 20-25??? hmmm almost 3 family pizzas din pala ano

    my entry for food friday is here

    Great day for us Food Friday Eaters :)

    Thanx for the Visit :)

  3. been a while since we last ordered pizza (usually we order over at Brooklyn's Pizza; we love their big size and we can customize the order) ... nakakagutom! :)

    thanks for playing again, Dj
    sensya na sa late visit ... hirap pag may one year old .. usually at the end of the day am beat! lol :D

    malapit na pala bday ng anak mo! advance happy bday to Marianna! :)

  4. wow!! sarap nyan DJ! I know you have to order this waaay in advance! hehehe :) sarap ng shakeys... but I love their mojos!!

  5. oh wow! giant pizza! i love Shakey's manager's choice.